Why You Should Rent a Serviced Apartment?

Serviced Apartment In Pune for Short Stay

Concept of the hotel versus Luxury Service apartment is not new to the market. The impediment in booking a service apartment is due to the inclination to follow traditional ways of planning travel and stay. The Indian market has seen over 10-12 years of growth into the serviced apartments for rent.

Modern times have taught us to go beyond what’s possible. The facilities that were once just customer expectations have converted to the reality of today. Serviced apartment and their services certainly lighten up the travel fatigue. Let yourself feel worthy of extraordinary services.    

What is a service apartment? How do you book it?

Fully furnished apartments available for a short or long stay, are as cosy as your home. It grants a choice of services that hotels cannot provide. Booking a hotel or furnished apartments for rent both is easy in terms of search, selection, and online payments.

Service apartments on rent in Pune certainly attract savings if compared to the hotels.

Who should look for a service apartment?

Frequent travellers who want restriction-free stays prefer service apartments in Kalyani nagar Pune for short stay. Someone who likes spacious rooms in silent yet safe surroundings or has families with members of different age group and pets accompanying them should select for service apartment. Individuals who have to take care of official meetings along with the travel need multiple rooms for work and private activities. Why they prefer is clear as furnished apartments in Pune lets you fetch distinct facilities. It serves customers in numerous ways that hotels fail to.

Do you need a service apartment? How can you find one that matches your requirements?

Make a check list for your needs to select a service apartment.

  • Is location of service apartment as per your preference
  • Do you need more open space compared to the hotel or need specific number of rooms with or without a Balcony/ Terrace Room e.g. separate dining, living, meeting, and smoking rooms
  • Want Room Service or In house kitchen to cook yourselves
  • Should it accommodate multiple guests/members in a room
  • Want to bring in Pets and hotels do not allow pet entry
  • Security surveillance for families if required
  • Check for power backup, daily and multiple times  housekeeping and laundry services if that is much needed
  • Amenities like swimming pool, table tennis room etc. can add to enjoyment
  • If you are planning family and business events check suitability like free WIFI, projectors, meeting zone, and open space

Why you should rent a serviced apartment during your travel?

Pune is IT Hub and large numbers of MNCs make this city thriving business centre. Serviced apartments for a stay in Indian cities easily match the needs of business class and executive people. Serviced apartments in Pune are all set for higher rental income, which also influences the service quality. Its popularity due to heritage and culture attracts tourists. The connectivity in terms of international travel eases the stay.

Whether exploring the city and its surroundings or busy with your business tie-ups, the serviced accommodation gives you the freedom to follow your routine in a city far away from your actual home.

Advantages of service apartments compared to hotels:

  • Bigger Space Better Control: Hotel stay is a room or suite but rental luxury apartments have a wider choice on the type of room, its utilization, and higher control on personal and professional space.
  • Dine your way: Food keeps us going, its fuel for the body. A choice to cook on your own in a homelike kitchen can be relaxing. You can hire a cook to manage your and guests anytime food requests. Order food online or bring home take away, refrigerate it and eat at random hours if that’s what you like.
  • Be at home: Don’t leave the luxuries of your home for just any hotel room. Get what you deserve, a fully serviced apartment. Be with your people, pets and retain an uncompromised lifestyle.
  • Enjoy Amenities: If you are slave of your routines, you need not sacrifice your amenities during travel. Service apartment on rent in Pune ideally offers services to be the same you everywhere.
  • Travel Planning: Sightseeing, shopping, city tour, or visit the people you know. Get assistance 24×7, as services are a phone call away in service apartments on rent in Pune. The administrative staffs handle booking while you get to plan the travel.

Metro cities like Pune provide you with temporary homes that are affordable and comfortable. Serviced apartments are profitable; you can even negotiate on the rates and save your hard-earned money. The facilities versus costs indicate a beneficial deal to book service apartments in Pune for short stay.

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