Top 10 Things Business Travelers Want From Business Hotels

A business hotel is a place where you can offload all your stress after a hectic day. There are quite a few overrated business hotels in Pune, unlike Hotel Magnus which is amongst one of the best, cheapest, and budgeted Business Hotels in Pune, Koregaon Park.

Here is the list of top 10 things business travelers expect from their hotels:
1)      Complimentary Wi-Fi Network:

Fast speed Internet is the most important feature which travelers keep in mind before booking a hotel. WIFI is the biggest priority for business travelers and why should it not be in this era of digitalization. Business travelers want high-speed data through which they can connect with people easily and can coordinate with their colleagues through online mediums. 

2)      Convenient Location :

The most important thing to consider while choosing a hotel while traveling is the location of the hotel. Hotel Magnus, Pune is also known as the best business hotel in Pune is located in the center of the city and is one of the best business hotels in Koregaon Park Pune to stay in with all the facilities and amenities.

3)      Personalized Experience :

Business Travelers always prefer a hotel where they are treated special and where they feel that their needs will be well taken care of. Hotel Magnus being one of the best hotels in Pune and more specifically best business hotels in Viman Nagar Pune provides alluring discounts to companies who stay loyal with the brand.

4)      Transportation Facilities:

Business travelers and their needs are just basic needs which most travelers have. One important need they have is transportation facilities. Hotel Magnus, Pune staff is extremely attentive about the demands of the clients. They will book a taxi for you whenever you need it. So, don’t worry about it and book your stay now.

5)      Meeting Room: 

Business Travel is all about meeting new clients, existing clients, and potential clients. For business travelers, there is a hotel that will fit all their needs and that is Hotel Magnus. It’s a business hotel in Koregaon Park which has a Conference Hall which can host up to 50 people and a banquet hall where 100 people can be hosted at a time. In this meeting room, guests can prepare for their meetings or discuss their strategies, etc.

6)      Laundry:

As per the surveys business, travelers don’t carry huge amounts of clothes with them. They mostly prefer to carry cabin baggage because it makes traveling easy for them as it can be carried easily without any worry. For that Magnus Hotels & Serviced Apartments provides laundry. The facility of laundry lets the guests focus on their work rather than worrying about their clothing.

7)      Easy Check-in and Check-Out:

Business Travelers do not have a lot of time to spend in the check-in and checkout process. For that basic of a business traveler and their needs, Hotel Magnus provides an extremely hassle-free process to their guests. At Hotel Magnus, Pune guests can pay through any way they want it may be online, a card transaction, or through cash, everything is accepted.

8)      Power Outlets in Rooms:

Business travelers carry a lot of technical stuff with them which needs to be charged from time to time. And, as it is mostly seen that most hotels don’t have enough power outlets in the room which causes trouble for the guests. But, there is one such business hotels in Pune, Koregaon Park which has rooms designed according to the needs of guests and that is Hotel Magnus. They have enough power outlets where the guests charge their phones, AirPods, tablets, laptops, etc.

9)      24/7 Room Service:

Room service that is accessible all day every day is quite important for business travelers which they always keep in mind. Mostly they don’t have the opportunity to get something to eat while working rigorously in a meeting or in a conference. Hotel Magnus offers the best in-room dining experience. Just a call from the guest and the hotel staff is on it and they try to do their task as early as possible as well as in the best manner.

10)  Tea and Coffee Maker:

Last but not the least, business travelers need something which can refresh them after a full day hectic schedule. And, to fulfill that need, Hotel Magnus has tea and coffee makers in the rooms which the guests can use at any point of the day.

So, what are you waiting for? Now you just know which hotel you have to book for your next stay. So, go for it and book now and have an amazing once in a lifetime experience

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