How to Save Money on Business Travels by Staying in Serviced Apartments?

India has become more integrated with the global economy now due to a sharp surge in business travel over the last few years. And we know that your work now makes you travel to different locations. While that sounds like fun to the outsider, you know how much you miss the comfort of home. Not just that, such business stays are surely taking a huge part of your business’ finances as well since staying at business hotels in Koregaon Park for such long periods is costly.

Thus, serviced apartments in Viman Nagar Pune and serviced apartments in Kalyani Nagar Pune provide an alternative to business travellers looking for budget accommodations. A serviced apartment is basically furnished accommodation with kitchenette and basic amenities.

Huge savings

Business travellers have recognized the benefits of serviced apartments in Koregaon Park over hotels. Cost advantages surely top the list for both long term and short term stays. According to studies, there is a saving potential of more than 40% if one chooses to book an overnight stay in a serviced apartment over a hotel.

Prepare Your Own Meals

One great way to save money (and take care of your health) is cooking your own meals, and serviced apartments in Kalyani Nagar Pune allow you to do just that. Some of these apartments may even offer grocery shopping services, so you can enjoy a nice home-cooked meal away from home as well, all the while cutting down your meal costs by as much as 50%!

Do your own laundry

You don’t need to pay for services such as laundry in a serviced apartment that is usually charged by hotels. Here, you’re likely to have your own washer and dryer, thus taking care of this unnecessary cost.

Meeting Spaces

Some days when you just want to get started with work, that work desk right next to your hotel bed does little to get you in a working mode. Add to this the scenario when you want to have your colleagues over for a short discussion. Instead of spending your time cleaning up your room, you’d rather spend it on preparing for the meeting.

This is where serviced apartments spill their magic. They have living spaces that can be used to host small business meetings. In case one wishes to book some external space that can also be requested. Thus, you don’t need to spend money trying to book separate areas for meetings and discussions, thus making this a cost-saving option.

Shared Expenses

Unlike the hotel rooms, serviced apartments have multiple rooms (generally more spacious than a hotel’s). This can provide a chance to bond with the team members if travelling in a group, as well as the expenses, get split too!

Let’s summarize: serviced apartments let you

  • Live in an intimate abode
  • Have home-cooked meals
  • Extend your business trip, if need be, without burning a hole in your pocket

It’s a clear winner, isn’t it? Serviced apartments allow you to customize your business travel according to your needs while making sure you have all the required facilities at your disposal.

Choose serviced apartments over hotels and other accommodations because we don’t want you to be restricted to the insides of airports and hotels. Serviced apartments will add character and life to your stay, and will make sure that your work trip doesn’t feel too much like a work trip!

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