How are Serviced Apartments Different from Hotels?

With India becoming more integrated with the global economy now due to a sharp surge in business travel, as well as people wanting to experience hospitality in a new work, serviced apartments have turned out to become the best accommodation for anyone looking to stay in a different city or country.However, if you’re still confused about what makes service apartments in Viman Nagar and service apartments in Kalyani Nagar different from your standard hotel room, read on:


In a serviced apartment, one is free to come and go as they please, making sure people have the flexibility to do things according to their schedule, and not dependant on the timings of the hotel. The living space in addition to the bedroom provides a person with the flexibility of space. People can choose to hold meetings within their space without having to book a conference room and gives one private access to TVs, DVD players, WiFi, etc. You can even host gatherings inside your apartment, turning it into a home away from home!

Small Luxuries

Amenities such as a fully equipped kitchen, entertainment systems, easy housekeeping, and all the other facilities that a hotel provides such as access to a common swimming pool, gaming center, etc. are easily available at service apartments in Kalyani Nagar Pune. That means that you’ll feel like you’re on holiday while also feeling at home. 

Being able to cook your own meals and stocking up groceries in the refrigerator helps save up on costs, while also providing you with flexibility. The presence of microwave ovens and refrigerators also means that you can stock up and reheat leftovers from restaurant meals, and store your own drinks instead of having to head over to the hotel bar and paying a whole lot! It will be cost-effective, healthy as well as convenient to cook your own meals than to order in the same room service every day.


You don’t need to be satiated with a simple bedroom-hall-kitchen serviced apartment if you’re looking for one that is a little more high-end and has more facilities. This is the magic of service apartment in Pune. One can easily choose an apartment according to their needs and convenience. With hotels, you’d have to limit your options to deluxe rooms, premium rooms & suites. Serviced apartments range from budget to luxury, having with plush interiors.

Cost Effective

Hotels generally come along with a range of out of pocket expenses service apartment in Pune for short stay makes you save up to 40%! So, you pay less for the same (actually better) facilities, comfort and luxury.Savings also come in the form of the fact that the rates per night generally go down in a serviced apartment as compared to a hotel, whose price per night stays fixed.

Long Stay

Cost effectiveness, a feeling of staying at home and not in an impersonal space like a hotel, staying in centrally located serviced apartments in Pune for long stay clearly has an edge over a hotel when one is looking for accommodations for longer durations.

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