Hotels primp up with hygiene promises, discounts to draw guests as lockdown lifts

The ongoing global COVID-19 pandemic has kept the hospitality industry on the major drill.  The hotel industry is the one which has been worst hit by the COVID-19 pandemic. When the lockdown lifts, one of the key biggest challenge which has been faced by the hospitality companies is to draw the attention of the guests. The Magnus business hotel in Koregaon Park Pune are effectively complying with the COVID-19 protocol to gain attention of the guests. There are specific standard operating procedures who have undergone the various fundamental changes particularly when it comes to hospitality operations and guest check- in.

Effective check- in protocols

The Magnus business hotel in Viman Nagar Pune complies with the significant social distancing measures. Appropriate thermal testing at every access point must be compulsory which is useful in monitoring the temperature of each individual who has been within the hotel premises. TheMagnus business hotel in Pune also ensures stringent clinical degree of hygiene to provide safe stay experience to the guest. A complete check- in declaration form has to be filled by the guest which covers symptoms associated with the novel COVID-19. Any guest who has indication of the symptoms are required to undergo a complete medical check prior to the check- in.

Minimising contact

Relevant set of changes has been made to meet the health and safety challenges which has been imposed during this COVID-19 pandemic. The seating in the lobby and restaurant area has been effectively reconfigured which is useful in ensuring safe distance between the guest and hospitality staff. The restaurants will have the reduced seating capacity because for the matter of fact the space between the tables has increased to ensure personal safety. The Magnus business hotel also ensures contactless delivery of the food to the room and serving only on the a la carte menu.

Proper sanitation and hygiene

It is one of the key relevant practices within whichMagnus business hotel comply in order to effectively prevent disease and infection. Deep cleaning measures within the restaurant, lobby, room and other public and meeting areas are properly taken into consideration. Heightened hygiene and prominent sanitation practice with relevant precautionary safety has been significantly applied across Magnus business hotel in Pune. The hospitality staff uses a fresh set of gloves for each room they service. Significant level of protocols has been maintained in the restaurant area, kitchen, business centres, meeting rooms, in- room dining by properly sanitizing the hands every time the food has been served to the guests. All the materials and supplies are properly sanitized before they are admitted within the hotel premises.

Attractive discounts

Hefty discounts help in luring the guest to the hotel. Special accommodation packages and specific loyalty programs are useful in attracting a large number of guests to gain access to the best possible safe staying experience at the Magnus business hotel in Pune.

Other key relevant measures which has been taken by the Magnus business hotel in Pune mainly includes:

  • All touch points within the public area like elevator buttons, table tops, door handles, railings, counter tops, etc. are cleaned on the continuous basis by effectively using disinfectant and sanitizer.
  • Use of disposable gloves and the masks by all the hospitality staff members.
  • For the safety of the guest, the room will be sanitized after the check-out of the guest and is kept vacant for the 24 hours between the consecutive bookings.
  • Adequate level of detailed and updated cleaning checklists has been appropriately monitored and followed closely.
  • Enhancing the self-hygiene protocols and training to the hospitality staff to use the right protective equipment and ensure guest safety.  

Post COVID- 19 the hotel across the country will focus on adapting the new significant hygiene protocols. This will help in preventing the spread of the virus. The Magnus business hotel in Pune focuses on effectively enhancing the cleaning protocols. Collaborating with the disinfection experts and the medical professionals helps in improving the existing hygiene methods which has been used by the hotel. The Magnus business hotel in Pune has changed the hygiene protocol by moving from aesthetic cleaning to clinical cleaning measures. This way Magnus business hotel enhances the experience of the guest by providing them with a clean and safe environment for stay. No more second thoughts once the lockdown lifts. The Magnus business hotel in Pune is a great idea to experience relishing and safe stay. Pack your bags and grab the opportunity of attractive discount and packages offered by the hotel.

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