Why You Should Pick A Service Apartment Over A Hotel During Your Medical Visit To Pune?

Serviced Apartment in Kalyani nagar Pune

Medical treatment procedures in India attract tourists across borders. They come for various treatments, Ayurveda and Alternate Medicine, General and specialized surgeries or even wellness and rejuvenation. The major rise in medical tourism is due to the costs of treatments being reasonable compared to the developed countries. The Indian hospitals are meeting international standards and so is the hospitality industry.

The hospitality, travel, and tourism industry flourishes with the inflow of foreigners for medical services. The global medical tourism’s current valuation is 44.8 billion, estimated to reach USD 30 billion by 2025.

Established need for alternative services to the hotel industry is clearly the reason for chart-climbing numbers in renting serviced apartments.  

Why You Should Pick A Service Apartment Over A Hotel During Your Medical Visit To India?

Apartments are a better option to a hotel would be service apartments in Pune for short stay due to certain features.

  • Medical treatments and recovery usually take a longer time. Staying in a serviced apartment can help you control the number of visitors.
  • Silent neighborhood and clean ambiance is much needed for all the patients. Select a place that is not busy so that you can rest comfortably and maintain privacy.
  • Food helps in recovering faster, patients need balanced diets; the in-house kitchen or cooks available on hire can benefit.
  • Personal and living space hygiene is of utmost importance; at the convenience of patient the housekeeping, laundry, and other services can be scheduled once or multiple times a day.
  • Complete rest can help in illness control, set the daily routine and checkups as per the need of a person undergoing treatment.
  • Select the required number of rooms and types of services or amenities that can assist the patient and the person accompanying.
  • If the whole family is coming to India the arrangements can be made in a single service apartment which has multiple rooms designed to suit the medical tourists and general travelers.
  • Some of the medical insurance companies provide stay and food expenses along with the medical expenses while the treatment is on. You can get a serviced apartment in your budget and negotiate if needed.
  • In case of longer treatments, staying in hospitals is not compulsory, you can check for a suitable apartment in close proximity to the hospital. The distance between hospitals to the apartment can affect the total expenses of the trip. If frequent checkups are required then the transportation costs will increase.
  • Based on risks and attention required traveler can choose additional services e.g., personal caretaker or that administrative staff can arrange easily.
  • Internet connectivity can help you transmit the reports and connect with your doctor in the homeland. You can check for the conference rooms if required.
  • At times, the actual surgery or treatment takes lesser time than recovery. Unless there is proper recovery, traveling back can be risky so a window for stay is a must. The charges can pile up if you have missed planning it.
  • All the services that a hotel provides and even in addition to that are available in a service apartment. Don’t let this bother you while booking a serviced apartment.

In general, the hotel costs are 30% higher than the service apartments hence consider these options while booking your stay. The serviced apartment is not only economical choice as compared to hotels but you can avail services and set its frequency. Developing countries offer low-cost medical treatments those are growth riders for the demand of serviced apartments. Just in Viman nagar you will come across 100 plus hospitals.

Select service apartmens in Viman Nagar Pune if you want faster connectivity to International locations. Pune has hundreds of 3 starred and 4 star rated serviced apartments for easy choice of foreign leisure and medical tourists.

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