Why to Book a Serviced Apartment over a Hotel?

Book serviced apartment over hotel
Book serviced apartment over hotel

Maybe summer vacations are approaching, and so you’ve zeroed in on a place of your choice, or there is an important assignment in another city and you need to book your accommodation soon. Whatever your reason be, before you start looking to book a business hotel in Pune for your business stay, go through the below. We promise you won’t regret it!

More Space

We know how mood dampening it is when you have to meander through your luggage in a crowded hotel room after a long flight or road trip. Serviced apartment Kalyani Nagar takes care of this problem by ensuring you have enough space to store whatever you bring since it provides a generous living space with room to rest. A serviced apartment can be as much as 30% larger than a hotel room, making it super desirable.

Service apartment in Viman Nagar Pune also tend to include a kitchen, living room, bedroom, and a living area. The separate living and dining area means that you’re not just confined to a small bedroom. If you’re on a long business trip or on a long family vacation, it means you have more space, and separate rooms to sleep, eat and live.

 Carefree Family Holidays

Dreading being in the same space as your kids for too long? Don’t worry, service apartment Koregaon Park has got you covered. There is ample space for everyone, while keeping them engaged with your private access to TVs, Wi-Fi, etc. For adults, swimming pools, gaming zone, gyms might also be available.

The other beautiful thing is that you can make it resemble your home by hosting parties or a gathering in your apartment. It will make you feel comfortable while also being in a new environment, unlike a hotel.

Cost Effectiveness

Service apartment Kalyani Nagar is way less expensive than your standard hotel, while providing the same level of comfort and luxury. Staying in a serviced apartment would mean that you get a comfortable stay while also saving up by cooking all your meals in the kitchenette and storing groceries in your apartment fridge. And this is not possible in a hotel, no matter how many stars it has on its badge!

One other difference from a hotel is that the price per night in a hotel is fixed whereas staying in a serviced apartment for a extended period of time means that the rate will generally go down.  So enjoy the service apartment Kalyani Nagar knowing that you’re getting good value for money!

Local Living

Hotels are generally the same all over the world. Hotel chains will provide the same facilities no matter where it’s located on the map. However, if you stay in an apartment, you will get to live the same way as people who actually live in the city. There could be no better way to experience a destination and get to know it in a beautiful way.

Not just that, this experience is customisable to fit your needs. The owners understand that the expectations of service are different for different people, and so, the property managers strive to offer services that create a unique, and comfortable stay for you. Special requests such as asking for someone to buy your grocery, etc. can be requested. As compared to hotels, service apartment in Kalyani Nagar Pune will be more than happy to accommodate such requests.

Home Away From Home

Providing a safe and comfortable environment, the serviced apartments offer a home away from home, which is why many people choose them over hotels. The apartments often include separate living and sleeping spaces, as well as all the entertainment facilities you could wish for. Not only do you have all the failities of the hotel but you get to move away from the cold, unfriendly vibe of the hotel room as well.

If you’re staying away for more than a few days, it’s important you don’t feel homesick. Staying in a serviced apartment will make you feel like you’re at a new home for some time. The added benefit of service apartment in Kalyani Nagar is that you don’t need to share your space with anyone else, not even while dining.

Centrally Located

Serviced apartments are generally located in all major cities. Even within cities, it is centrally located which means that if you want to go for a stroll or a shopping spree, you don’t need to think too hard about the travelling time or even safety. More quality trip time, and less hassle time!

Easy Housekeeping

A serviced apartment gives you the freedom to be comfortable just like you’d be at home while also enjoying the housekeeping benefits of a hotel. Also, as compared to a hotel, there is less frequent housekeeping in a serviced apartment. This means you get your privacy, and will not be disturbed several times a day. The apartment might even have a washer and dryer means that you can save that cost as well.

Business Travellers

If you’re looking to book a place for business travel, serviced apartments are your best bet. Business people always on the move generally miss the feeling of home since hotel rooms are very impersonal. Serviced apartments work wonders here. They also provide ample space to hold meetings in the living space whereas in a hotel, you’d have to book a separate conference room.

Privacy and freedom

Compared to a hotel, you’ll always have more privacy in a serviced apartment. If you’d like complete privacy, there are even serviced apartments that have no on-site staff. However, you can still ask for your apartment to be cleaned and towels/linen replaced. Serviced apartments are private and independent accommodation, hence, you can work, play and relax at any given moment. Since there’s usually 24-hour assistance available, they are safe and secure as well.

So, there’s really no reason you wouldn’t pick a serviced apartment over a hotel, right?

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