Why Serviced Apartments Can Take Over the Hospitality Industry?

Serviced apartments are the holiday homes with amenities like WIFI, meeting space, fitness centre, kitchens with modern appliances, housekeeping staff, and cooks, laundry services, help to provide quality living during the stay.

Serviced apartments have become popular with travellers. Indian Hospitality Industry encountered a new idea of service apartments around 1990s. Target client being working professionals and tourists the services incorporated are of high standards.

Hospitality industry is concerned about the customer experience; this in turn helps to spread the word on social media and adds mouth publicity.

Do You Think Serviced Apartments Would Take Over the Hospitality Industry?

The growth of serviced apartments in the last 10 years has been gradual. Right from bed n breakfast to the luxurious studio apartments, there is a wide range of choices. Categories of travellers whether corporate or leisure have various options available.

Results indicate successful conceptualization of service apartments in the hospitality industry. There are several strong reasons for tough competition with hotel industry.

  1. Cut throat competition and the costs of managing hotels are higher than service apartments.
  2. Serviced apartments are more profitable, it has seen new entrants in recent days.
  3. Customization of services benefits the customers and increases the probability of repeat customer resulting in increase of the customer base.
  4. Get comfort of home stay bundled with facilities adds uniqueness when compared to a hotel stay.
  5. Industry is flourishing and it will take time to reduce profits due to market competitiveness.
  6. Standardization of tariffs is a challenge for these service providers but is a point of negotiation for apartment seekers.
  7. Lesser investments and higher returns attract investors and we are likely to see an increase in serviced apartments across India.
  8. The flexibility of opting services and its cost-effectiveness make them a better choice.
  9. Online listings of properties enable easy comparison and booking of service apartments. Customer feedback and recommendations let you select the property of your choice.
  10. Services that match the 5 star and 4 stars hotels is one of the reason for the increasing demand for service apartments.
  11. MNCs prefer service apartments compared to guest houses maintained on company expenses.
  12. Hike in hotel tariff by 3.5 to 4.5% can distract their loyal customers and encourage them to look for alternatives.
  13. A common factor of hotel and serviced apartments is that the rates vary based on the locality, services, and connectivity with travel points across cities.
  14. Mostly importantly, renting a serviced apartment does not require a rental deposit or legal agreement.
  15. An increase in unutilized properties is a great change to develop service apartments just by modification in structure and interiors.
  16. Empty flats converted to service apartment’s rise the income generation compared to other residential properties.

Explore the service apartments in Pune for short stay if you wish to have a relaxed business or personal trip. A place where foreigners and NRIs love to stay due to the nightclubs, bars and meditation resort. Osho Teerth park, Art galleries and many restaurants to make the stay pleasing.

Check for fully furnished service apartments in kalyani nagar pune for your next business or leisure trip. The volume of corporate staff is high in this area, hence you can expect some outstanding services in the serviced apartments. Visiting Gandhi National Memorial is mandatory for someone in search of an ideology and inspiration for a lifetime. Foreigners can enjoy their food in restaurants and cafes of global standards.

Elegantly built service apartments in viman nagar pune  are not just good properties but give you a comfortable place to stay during your trip to Pune. It is a fine place to relax near the Udaan Biodiversity Park if you have liking towards plants and flowers. Spas, malls and Airport in reach make the stay enjoyable.

Serviced apartments crucial factor generating the revenues for hospitality industry. Tier- I & II cities have developed infrastructure that directly affects the hospitality industry. A long-awaited alternative to hotel is serviced apartment. Now after its introduction and success the demand for service apartment is higher than ever.

The services alienated in categories to suit the customers add to the temptation of hiring serviced apartments instead of hotels and is future-ready to take over the hospitality industry.

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