What will staying in a hotel look like in the near future?

Travelling in this COVID- 19 pandemic situation is a bit scary for travellers. Hotels are making big efforts to reform the way hotels work in order to provide a safer experience to the guest. The wellbeing of the guests and associates is considered to be of utmost importance to the Magnus business hotels in Pune. The hotel focuses on providing safe services to the guests.

What do you think the new normal of the hotel looks like for the bar area, lobbies, valet parking, breakfast buffet, the gym area, the spas, room services, luggage handling and rooftop pools? Hotel brings various sets of amenities and luxurious stay for the people. So what is the future of the hotel in the foreseeable future?

Temperature screening

One of the magnificent business hotel in Koregaon Park Pune, focuses on checking the temperature of the hospitality staff and guests within the COVID- 19 pandemic situation. Non-invasive thermometers have been used within the Magnus business hotel in Punewhich helps in recording the temperature of the person and act in a responsible manner.

Keyless check-ins

Digital keyless entry is the new future while staying within the hotel. This can be done by using a mobile application as a digital key. The Magnus Square business hotel in Viman Nagar Pune, tends to provide mobile application services which helps in essay keyless check- in to their room. A unique entrance code has been generated and is added within the application in order to provide ease of convenience to the guest.

Online payment and bookings

Guests tend to crave for the seamless online transaction and online booking without any chaos. This way it is useful in avoiding the physical contact of the people at the front desk of the hotel at the time of COVID- 19 pandemic. The Magnus Hotel which is one of the premium business hotel in Koregaon Park, has their own website which helps the guest in booking their own room by checking the availability for the specific data and also making seamless payment online.

Proper sanitization

Providing guests with properly sanitized and clean amenities in order to provide a safe staying experience at the Magnus business hotel for short stay in Pune. Ethical hygiene is considered to be a new trend within the hospitality industry. The staff of the Magnus Hotel properly sanitize their hands and also use masks and gloves while carrying out hospitality services. The Magnus business hotel in Pune complies with the high standard of safety to the guest. Breakfast services to the room and queue distance markers are the key significant measures which the business hotel in Pune, must comply with to ensure safety to the customers staying at the Magnus Hotel.

  • Cleaning pillows and bedsheet.
  • Sanitization of the lobbies, dining area.
  • Sanitizing hotel rooms and washrooms.

Complying with policies and guidelines

The COVID- 19 pandemic policies has been developed by the government. Hotel industry must comply with stringent policies and guidelines in order to function responsibly.  The Magnus business hotel near Railway Station Pune is constantly updating with the COVID- 19 guidelines which has been stated by the local health departments and the World Health Organization.

Use of thermal imaging cameras

Body temperature detection technology and cameras will play one of the significant role in the mere future at the time of COVID- 19 situation. The business hotel in Pune, none other than the magnificent Magnus Hotel, tends to focuses on using Thermal imaging cameras which is highly significant in detecting and monitoring the temperature of the guest. The Magnus Hotel provide 100% safe stay to the guest.

The business hotel in Pune, must take into consideration these measures while effectively checking the medical history of the guest and sanitizing the hotel. Making changes with the existing system and complying with new ideas helps the Magnus hotel to provide safe staying experience to the guest. The hotel industry has been working in a responsible manner to provide safe hospitality services to the guest in this COVID- 19 pandemic situation. The wait is over! Start booking the premium business hotel in Pune and experience the safe and ravishing staying experience at the Magnus Hotel. 

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