Want to know how Magnus Hotels and Serviced Apartments is fighting COVID-19?

How Magnus Hotels & Serviced Apartments is fighting COVID-19

Coronavirus Pandemic has without a doubt influenced our lives in every way possible. As we all know that this pandemic and as a result of it the lockdown we are in has severely affected the hospitality sector. Hotels and restaurants are implementing prudent steps for guests and giving cleanliness and security warnings following revelations of new COVID 19 cases in India. 

Considered as one of the best business hotels in Koregaon Park Pune, Magnus Hotels and serviced Apartments has taken all the measures to fight against this deadly virus. We have taken drastic measures in terms of safety and used all the technologies and products needed to keep our guests and staff safe and sound. Following are steps followed by the management of the Hotel Magnus to ensure the safety of all guests as well as of the entire staff. 

Following are the steps taken

1. Safety and Hygiene :

Utilization of disinfectant items is being used by us. Disinfectants are applied every day during routine cleaning of guestrooms, open spaces, fitness center and meeting rooms. Our housekeeping staff is all around prepared to utilize the disinfectants securely and accurately. Our staff consistently wear gloves while cleaning.

2. Temperature Check: 

We do not let any guest, staff or higher authorities personnel to enter our hotel premises without getting their temperature checked. Being one of the best and reputed hotels in Pune we are looking forward to entertaining our guests with full responsibility for their safety. We are taking each and every measure to keep our guests safe from this virus spread. 

3. Hygienic Room : 

Not due to this Covid-19 situation but before this also we used to clean our rooms on a daily basis. The bedsheets are changed and washed daily. The hotel staff cleans the bathroom daily and fills all the necessary supplies if they are finished. All the rooms are also sanitized daily. Considering our position as one of the most reputed hotels in Pune we have taken all the measures to provide a clean and hygienic environment to our guests and our staff.

4. Sanitization:

Open spaces and the front reception area are cleaned by our staff every now and again. Sanitizers are provided to the reception and front staff so that they sanitize their hands in short intervals. Most visited places such as the table, lifts, sofas in the lobby are sanitized in short breaks. Even the keys of the rooms are sanitized on a daily basis. We have fully prepared the staff of our hotel to fight covid19 in every way possible. You might find a lot of hotels in Koregaon Park but we assure you that Magnus Square A Business Hotel provides all the facilities at the best budget possible. 

5. Guest Travel History Records:

Our staff checks the travel history of all the guests, ensures if they have their masks on and if needed they also call the doctor for a check-up before the guests sign in to the hotel. We just want our guests to stay assured that we are leaving no stone unturned to ensure their safety as well as the safety of their closed ones by keeping them protected.

6. Sitting and Dining Arrangements:

In our restaurant, we have made the arrangements keeping the norm of social distancing in mind. The seating arrangements are made keeping in mind the safety of all our inside and outside guests. We also have 24/7 room service available for the guests. Our restaurants are properly sanitized. The groceries bought from the market are sanitized for a whole day before using them. 

As we all know that we cannot live with the fear of this virus forever. What we need to do is to learn how to live with this virus while maintaining proper safety, hygiene, social distancing, and all the protocols mentioned by the government. We are a renowned name in the hotel industry of Pune and to assure that our name remains in that list we are doing everything possible. 

To conclude, we the management of Magnus Hotels And Serviced Apartments would just like to let all our guests know that we are all in this together and together we will fight and defeat this virus and live our life the way we wanted to. 


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