Travelling to Pune for your Corporate Stay–A touch of class, clean, centrally located, safe & on a budget advantage

Work responsibilities tend to take an individual from a varied set of destinations across the globe. The reason for business travel is endless because it goes from attending corporate sessions for training to meeting new clients for the business. How can one make the best of business stay and travel? The Magnus is a business hotel in Pune Koregaon Park which offers a touch of class and clean accommodation to travelers. Here are the finest hospitality services which have been offered by the Magnus hotel in order to provide the best possible staying experience to the guest.

Touch of class

Expect a ravishing stay experience in an elegant and spacious room. The Magnus hotels and serviced apartments provide touch of class and elegant range of luxury hospitality services to the customers which includes:

  • Providing the customer with the personal assistant.
  • Well- designed room with the touch of class and elegance to relish the corporate stays in Pune.
  • On the door services related with breakfast and other necessities.
  • Valet and taxi services.
  • Silent area for business meeting.
  • Proper Wi-Fi facilities and connection network.

Magnus focuses on providing the best possible hospitality services to the guests who are looking forward to experience a classy corporate stay. The Magnus provides dynamic venues to carry out the business meeting and corporate events. 

Centrally located

Location is considered to be on the top priority list for the guest who has been looking for corporate stays. Centrally located hotels help in attracting travellers and helps in saving additional cost on taxi fares. It adds flexibility for the individual and helps in providing them with the best corporate stays. The Magnus business hotel has been located centrally which is useful in providing ease of convenience to the traveller. 

Business stay on a budget

The business special offers has been curated especially by keeping in mind the needs and wants of the guest who has been travelling for work. The business travellers are looking for a hotel which is pocket friendly. The Magnus business hotel provides luxury corporate stays on a budget. Large numbers of discounts are available on room tariffs and also provide a wide range of hospitality services to make travellers feel like home. 

Safe and clean accommodation

Providing clean and safe corporate stays is of utmost priority for the management of the hotel. Properly cleaning the bedding, towels and sanitizing the room is of utmost importance which has been provided by none other than the Magnus business hotel in Viman Nagar Pune. The Magnus Hotel has a safe environment for stay with appropriate protective measures and vigilant hospitality staff to provide the finest quality comfortable stay experience in Pune. 

Wi-Fi and Network connectivity

Hotels with strong Wi-fi and network connectivity is of utmost importance for the traveler who is looking forward to a corporate and comfortable stay. The Magnus makes sure that the work of the guest is not hampered. They offer Wi-Fi facilities and enable strong network connectivity. 

Personalized experience

The Magnus offers personalized services to the guests who are looking for corporate stays. The hotel mainly focuses on streamlining the experience of the guest. The hotel offers a large range of hospitality services like pick up and drop facilities, free Wi-Fi, breakfast and buffet, room services, dry cleaning services, etc.

Elegantly designed Magnus business hotel in Pune redefines the true meaning of delight for classy corporate stays. Magnus is the intuitive and convenient hotel which meets the need of the guest for the best possible corporate stays. So, the wait is finally over. The Magnus offers a wide set of amenities with luxury business staying experience. The Hotel provides a spacious room and meeting area with sumptuous corporate stays. For more details contact the Magnus team regarding any queries. We would be more than delighted to help you. Stay safe and stay healthy.  

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