Tips to relax on a business trip in a business hotel in Pune

Traveling for business may seem exciting. Flying to new cities like Pune or across the globe. Fed up with traveling for business? Your next business tour needn’t be all work, work, work! Here’s how to get the most of those boring business trips with these top tips.

Don’t be there just for Business

If your work brings you on an overseas business trip, then make the most of it. Spend some time exploring the destination. Many business travellers just travel in-and-out of the sites they’re visiting, without ever visiting any of the local sights. There are so many business hotels in Pune, but Hotel Magnus is one of the best budget hotels in Koregaon Park Pune. You can easily visit dozens of nearby locations from here.

Complete key tasks before your trip

There’s nothing worse than going away from the office with primary tasks still hanging over you. So always try to complete your to-do-list before starting on your next business trip. Not only will you feel loaded with work on a trip, but you’ll also have less to catch-up and make your trip memorable.

Pack your swimming goggles and sneakers

Hotel Magnus Pune is one of the best business hotels in Koregaon Park Pune and has all amenities to make you relax. Bring your sports kit with you on your Pune business trip: Whether it’s an early morning run in an unfamiliar city, or going for an after-work swim in the hotel pool, exercise is the best way to relax. It’s also much more comfortable to find the time to exercise. Make your short stay like your normal daily routine. Businesspeople in a foreign city often find they have lots of spare time to kill, so use it healthily.

Avoid one-day travel marathons

It’s often tempting to make a business trip into one day. After all, absolutely traveling for a two-hour meeting is possible in one day? Still, you’ve to wake up in the early morning, traveling to the airport, allowing sufficient time to clear security, the flights themselves ( inevitable flight delays are ignored here ), and then doing all this again on the way back home, even a short Asian flight for a ‘quick’ meeting can easily take up to 12 hours of your day. All this makes for a very tough day of work. Rather than this, you can pre-book a room at Magnus Pune. Far better to travel the night before and arrive with plenty of time to prepare properly for your meeting. Enjoy a good night’s sleep to boot. Not only will you find the trip less stressful, but you’ll also think clearer during your meeting, as you’ve not had to rely on five cups of coffee to get through the day.

Travel Comfortably

Wear comfortable clothing with layers so you are prepared for cold or warm temperatures. Ladies, wear yoga pants and tennis shoes with a lightweight jacket or sweater. You don’t want to run or walk fast in heels to catch a connecting flight. Men, don’t wear your suit jacket in your seat or cram it in the overhead bin. Finally, bring headphones, earplugs, a book or magazine, and a travel pillow to help you rest and relax.

Pack smart

Remove one of the biggest triggers of anxiety by packing efficiently and bringing carry-on luggage only. Now you don’t have to bother about lost luggage or long delays at check-in or baggage claim. Keep your clothes simple and interchangeable. You never know when an accidental spill may stain your shirt or pants. Savvy business travellers suggest investing in travel toiletries, so you can pack everything in advance out the risk of forgetting your toothbrush or deodorant.

Embrace adventure

Here’s a quote from a Greek philosopher Aristotle, “Happiness depends upon ourselves.” Embrace each trip, new place, and challenge as an opportunity for growth and adventure. Rather than being stressed out about the negatives, concentrate on the positives, and you’ll end up enjoying your time on much more.

Get your beauty sleep

Don’t ignore the importance of sleep. In our constantly-connected life, it’s easy to fall into the trap of working hours while on a tour. However, managing late may not be the best plan for completing all your tasks—and doing them well. Getting a restful sleep will make you much more fruitful and productive.

 Reserve Time That’s Just About You

Comfort yourself with a soothing spa from the airport. Bring out the bath salts and buy some lights to create your tiny piece of heaven. Find fragrances and oils that soothe your stresses and make you feel at home. You can even indulge by making your facemask from the cosiness of your room, with the help of two basic ingredients.

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