Tips To Get Best Budget Hotels In Pune

After air-travel, accommodation is usually the biggest expense of any tour. And, unlike random shopping, the hotel isn’t exactly something you can skip to save money. There are, however, ways you can get cheaper hotel rooms no matter wherever you go. If you are in Pune and searching for budget hotels in Koregaon Park Pune, then we have Magnus Hotels And Serviced Apartments for you. At Magnus, you don’t need to maximize your travel funds without adjusting with things like safety and cleanness. Here are some of our preferred ways to get the cheapest hotel rooms.

Compare prices with Hotel Websites

Once you’ve got an idea of your hotel choices and you’ve made a few favorites, it’s time to open a new page and go directly to that hotel’s official website. Most hotel websites have their booking method so you can do the same research again to see if the room prices are different. Even if they’re approximately the same, check the hotel’s website for additional possible perks you won’t get on an aggregator—like free WiFi, parking, or breakfast. 

Call the Hotel Directly

Calling the hotel directly—not by the toll-free reservation number—provides you a chance to negotiate a more suitable room rate. If you see a cheaper price on a third party site, don’t wait to call the hotel’s front desk to see if they can offer a better deal, or at least compare the lower price. The people who work at that particular hotel are far more likely to be able to provide things like a discount or a room upgrade than somebody at a call center.

Go during the off-season

For beginners, avoid an overly crowded and costly vacation by traveling outside at the peak seasons. Travelers manage to travel during peak times for a purpose when it comes to snow and sun, eg. to get the best possible weather conditions. For seaside destinations, peak season typically runs June to August, while wintertime destinations are most popular between December and February.

Skip Friday night

Avoid spending Friday night at the hotel, as it can be one of the most costly nights of the week. With everyone desiring to make the most of their two-day weekend, Friday nights can be the busiest and consequently the priciest.

Only choose essential amenities

It’s nice to know that your hotel has an indoor swimming pool, a gym, and a spa, but if you know you are not going to do any of these things, why add them to your hotel search? If you click on too many filters you can end up narrowing your options, so only tick the amenities that you want (Wi-Fi, parking, free breakfast involved – it’s usual for everyone).

Be aware of transportation costs

Before you choose your perfect hotel, take a look at the price of public transportation in the city you will be visiting..

City-center accommodation is typically more costly because everyone wants to be within walking distance of all the main sites. Look a little bit outside the city center for some possible steals. Can you easily get to the center with a quick (and cheap) jump on the metro? Is there an affordable and cost-effective bus within walking distance to your hotel? Hotel Magnus Pune is one of the best budget hotels near Pune railway station so that you can easily manage your accommodation.

Consider a Longer Stay

If your trip plans are flexible, look into whether you’ll get a better nightly room rate if you reserve a lengthier stay. Some hotels offer weekly prices that are much lower per night than their normal nightly rate, and others will give you a night free if you hire a certain number of nights.

Consider Hotel Alternatives

Visiting in a hotel isn’t your only choice anymore, and some of the alternatives can save you quite a bit of cash.

A services apartment is often more cost-effective if you’re traveling with your friends or your company’s group, but it can still be a good deal when you’re on your own. In Pune, you can either book budget hotels near Koregaon Park Pune or a services apartment in Viman Nagar Pune.

Keep an eye on the pictures

A picture speaks a hundred words. Hotel photos can give some insight into not just how your room will probably look, but also when the hotel was last renewed. If everyone in the photos is wearing bell-bottom jeans and flower tops, you might assume that the hotel 1) requires to renew its photos or 2) needs to update its rooms, facilities, etc.

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