How to make your stay memorable and save with budget hotels in Koregaon Park Pune?

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Millions of people travel and visit hotels every year. Many of those experiences may be positive and delightful while others may not give a lasting impression. Of course, memorable hotel experience is better than anything else. Most people need a hotel stay that leaves them not desiring to leave right away, and wish to come back to it again in the future.

But, the question is, what makes a hotel stay memorable? What places one hotel apart from hundreds of others that you can stay in any given town or city? Get to know more about some of the memorable hotel touches that can make a hotel different from all the rest.


Excellent assistance begins with a hotel website, advert, social media page, wherever you see them. They must display correct, up-to-date information. You can find offers, view image galleries, and compare from other hotels. Sometimes the hotel gives you an extra discount for pre-booking. Pre-booking gives you a welcome feeling that is memorable too.


With post-booking, the hotel gives you a warm welcome and makes you feel special. You can ask for a discount and other free amenities or the hotel staff will directly ask you for anything else like, can we provide anything for you, would you like anything more in your room, would you like to make a dinner booking? They will tell you how glad they are to welcome you, and how much they appreciate your choice to stay with them. They will also share features about ‘what’s on tonight’, the local climate forecast, the availability of taxis, etc.

During the stay

Every small effort means – We at hotel Magnus Pune welcomes our guests and make them feel special. Our smiling staff member, quick service, and response will make your day better. Enjoy every moment at hotel Magnus Pune, we can wake you up by a call and make you breakfast, arranging taxis for your accommodation. Also, we ask for a review or a check-in update on social media from a guest when he is enjoying one of your services or if our guest has any problem we can fix. A lot of Millennial tourists prefer posting updates during their visit. 


We stay active and ask our customers about their stay. We ensure you are happy or at least satisfied before you leave the premises. Recommend you sign up for our support program. Get feedback, ask if you will do an online review. Give our customers something to take home. Make sure you have all their details like their contact number, email id, social media handles, and more. 

Save money with budget hotels in Koregaon Park Pune

When you travel on holiday, it’s easy to overspend and to ignore your budget. When getting a break from the actual world, money can be the last thing you need to worry about! However, you have to think about what might happen if you return home with a clear wallet, or worse yet, end up sinking in debt. After all, you want to return from your trips with less stress. If you are a regular traveler of Pune and want the best budget hotels near Pune railway station, then hotel Magnus Pune’s location will be best for you. However, before you cut your next trip, let us tell you that there are many ways you can save cash on hotels.

Be Flexible

If you have a flexible schedule, consider visiting a hotel in the off-season. Traveling in the off-season costs more, and enables you to avoid fighting with crowds, which makes travel easier. Also staying in a hotel midweek rather than during a weekend can save you money.

Choose Your Location Wisely

Look at nearby hotels to get cheaper lodging. Hotel Magnus Pune is one of the best budget hotels in Koregaon Park Pune. It will make it easier for you to travel anywhere in the city. Fortunately, even if you don’t know the city, many travel websites offer maps so you can simply expand your search area and find lower rates for hotels. On the other hand, choosing a hotel far away from the sights you plan to go can result in high transport charges and parking costs.

Revisit the Same Hotel

You can get great deals if you stay at the same hotel (or the same hotel chain) each time you travel. If you hit the same place every time, you can become familiarized with the managers and bookings staff. 

Find Out What’s Included

Factor the hotel’s facilities into your travel budget. For example, a free breakfast saves the cost of your morning meal and coffee. A swimming pool, game room, and fitness club offer hours of free fun. Some hotels may offer free meals, drinks at the hotel bar, discounts at the hotel’s spa or restaurants.

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