How to make sure your next hotel stay is a safe one?

Travellers have been considering reserving room in the Hotel and have been planning a stay at the Hotel for necessity and pleasure. Every hotel guest and hospitality staff must know that health and safety is of utmost priority especially in the time of COVID- 19 pandemic. With the increasingly widespread of the COVID- 19 pandemic, what are the concrete steps which the business hotel in Pune must comply with in order to prevent the infection? There are a large number of health safety precautions and various sets of new risk one must comply with before and throughout the stay within the hotel.

Complying with cleaning standards

In the current situation of the COVID- 19 pandemic, cleanliness has taken a whole new level within the hospitality industry. The Magnus Star Residency business hotel in Koregaon Park Pune is one of the finest hotel which focuses on complying with the cleaning standards to meet the new safety and health challenges during the COVID- 19 pandemic. Use of cleaning technologies such as ultraviolet light is useful in providing a clean and safe environment for the employees and guests of the Hotel.

  • Enhancing the housekeeping of the hotel.
  • Using disinfecting and cleaning solutions at the hotel.
  • Cleaning and sanitizing beddings of the hotel room.
  • Enhancing the cleaning guidelines across the guest room, dining area, lobby, meeting spaces and common area.

Stay safe recommendations

The Magnus must effectively comply with the stay safe recommendations mentioned below in order to ensure safe staying experience at the Hotel at the time of COVID-19 pandemic. The hotel must comply with hygiene standards to deliver the best services to the guest. Stay safe is useful in changing the norms, standards and behaviour of the hospitality industry.

  • Wash and sanitize your hands on a regular basis.
  • Complying with the COVID- 19 travel advisories.
  • Seek immediate care in case you’re feeling dizzy.
  • Avoid touching nose, eyes and mouth.
  • Use good respiratory hygiene.

These cleaning standards have led to the change in the hotel industry norm, standards and behaviour in order to ensure cleanliness and safety at the hotel to both employees and guests. This stay safe initiative is an effective recommendable measure to standardize cleanliness across hotels. 

Social distancing

It is crucial to maintain a physical distance of 1 meter at the time of COVID- 19 pandemic. It is important to avoid crowded places and close contact with anyone during the COVID-19. The Magnus Square a business hotel in Viman Nagar Pune focuses on providing a safe staying experience at the Hotel by avoiding physical contact of the hospitality staff with the guest.

Safe access to the room

The Magnus Hotels And Serviced Apartments focuses on providing safe access to the room by sanitizing the keys, handles and doors to protect the guest at the time of COVID- 19. The hotel ensures reduction in person to person contact by complying with the social distancing protocols. Ensuring proper cleanliness at the high touch areas are of key significant importance. Use of superior cleaning products with the greater concentration of the bacteria killing ingredients helps in providing safe staying experience to the guest at the Magnus.

Proper medical check up

Temperature testing of the guest and hospitality staff is crucial at the time of COVID- 19. It is of key relevance and importance to have a complete medical check- up at the time of travelling and staying in Hotel. Proper documentation of the medical history of the guest is important to provide a safe and healthy staying experience to the guest at the Magnus.

The Magnus budget hotel in Pune Koregaon Park helps the guest in experiencing luxury by redefining healthy eating and safe staying experience at the hotel. The Magnus business hotel near Pune railway Station offers a wide range of hospitality services to cater all the accommodation needs of the guest at the time of COVID- 19 pandemic. Hence, complying with these healthy and stay safe recommendations helps in the prevention of the spread of the COVID- 19 virus and enhance the staying experience of the guest at the hotel. The waiting time is over. It’s time to explore the hotels and places with new cleaning standards and safety protocols to provide safe and healthy staying experience to the guest.

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