How to make Service Apartments for an Effortless Stay for NRIs?

NRIs visit Pune frequently and love to stay in areas like Koregaon Park, Kalyani Nagar, and Viman Nagar. These areas have affluent residential crowds, surrounded by malls, spas, markets, restaurants, hotels, and service apartments. Having easy availability of public transport reduces the transit time to Pune Airport and Railway station.

Metropolitan cities have a blend of cultures; no wonder Pune has become the city that welcomes its guests warmly.

NRIs come with a plan when they visit India. It’s either their break from a tight routine or a family function. Each one has a unique idea of celebrating the freedom of being in their country. They sense relief when they come to the homeland, returning to the familiarity and long-awaited happiness of meeting the family and friends makes the stay bright and happening but other factors do affect.

For a pleasant stay in Pune NRIs, prefer service apartments to hotels due to identifiable advantages.

NRIs need service apartments but how to trace one, just search for

Offerings of serviced apartments to the NRIs for homely residence

  1. Get assistance in planning events, travel, shopping, sightseeing, etc. Reliable services are of great assistance, adds to peace of mind making the stay significant
  2. Reside in a type of apartment of your choice whether in a silent place, near nature, or amenities like gymnasium, swimming pool, squash, tennis court, and room types to suit your needs. Opt for one or more Bedrooms, Living room, Kitchen, penthouse or studio apartment and open garden space or any other type of accommodation. Find appliances needed in a short stay are available e.g. microwave, washing machine, big-screen televisions and more.
  3. A serviced apartment is an authentic place to stay it lets you live your life uninterrupted, eat out, or cook your own food, no household chores if you choose for services. No laundry, no housekeeping, and no worries of groceries, just enjoy and relax.
  4. They have valid reasons to expect efficient services; NRIs are staying in developed countries having soaring economies that deliver heaps of facilities to the citizens and immigrants.
  5. The dependable workforce serves with amity; they are well trained and aware of the reality of service apartments. Customer expectations are clearly set as their priority.
  6. A realistic view of a good residential area, which is near the Airport, adds to the attractiveness of staying close to the connecting factor. It lets you move around other cities if domestic travel is in your plan.
  7. Spacious apartments grant ample privacy to all the members. Just segregate the personal and workspace. Share the room occupancy as needed, with the family members. Don’t get worried about having large families, nor do you need to book separate rooms or stay away from each other. The service apartment lets you be with your complete family and enjoy each moment of your break.
  8. Meet your friends and family without any restriction of space, furniture, and food that the get together need. Travel light with laundry services at the doorstep or if you
  9. A Service apartment allows your pet to accompany the stay. There is no need to keep them in pet care while you enjoy vacation time. If you want, keep the pets with you to enjoy your daily routines or get pet care services nearby.

NRIs needs are different compared to other country citizens, as NRIs are a mix of traditional and modern self that has changed with the time spent abroad. If your stay is longer, the benefit of a service apartment over a hotel is no less than 30%.

Where can you get service apartments that meet your criteria?

Mostly these three areas Koregaon Park, Kalyani Nagar and Viman Nagar in Pune can meet the requirements of NRIs and give them an effortless stay.

Delightful views in exteriors of the service apartments make a sizeable impact on the state of mind. Service apartments in Koregaon Park Pune have lush greenery; it is also the commercial hub of the city. Airport and Railway Station is in the proximity of 4-6 Km.  

Service apartments in Kalyani Nagar are worth a stay. It is famous due to IT Park, and has many MNCs. It has a predominant well-heeled residential locality as your entire neighborhood. It has historic monuments and restaurants with Continental and Mediterranean cuisine to attract NRIs. Public transportation is easily available to reach Airport or Railway Station, which is just 4-5 Km away from Kalyani Nagar.

Viman Nagar has something for everyone. It consists of jogger’s park, Udaan Biodiversity Park for health-conscious people, malls, and restaurants for recreation, meditation resorts for some work on self. Service apartments in Viman Nagar Pune lets you rent a place that never lets you feel like a foreigner. Reaching the Airport or Railway Station is not troublesome due to a shorter distance of 0.5 to 8 Km respectively.

Serviced Apartments make an effortless stay for NRIs giving them a home away from their real home. Pleasing natural habitat lets you connect with your past, and navigate through the advancements of Pune. The comfort and cost are negligible in comparison to the convenience.

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