How to attract corporate guests to stay at your hotel or serviced apartments?

Business visitors provide an excellent source of regular business and can be of a huge aid for you during the periods when the season is off. They additionally have a high on property spend.

Also, currently with the worldwide business head out spending determined to increment by 7% by 2020, it is the correct opportunity to grasp this opportunity and explore paths to draw in business travellers at your best business hotels in Pune. In today’s time, there is no such thing as traditional travellers. With the changing elements of innovation and accommodation, even the business explorers are anticipating a basic, quick, and mind-boggling administration from the hoteliers.


In today’s time, a lot of things are required to attract travellers. You just don’t need to be present physically while they are in your hotel and provide the best services whereas you additionally have to make a presence in their daily life that can be through social media or any other medium.    

Do you want to know how can you attract more and more business travellers to your business hotel? Here in this blog, we have mentioned steps that will assist you to attract business travellers to your highest capability.

  1. Social Media Marketing:

Social Media Marketing is the best method to reach a wide number of people as well as your target audience by keeping an online presence. Social media assists you engage with people and make a presence in their daily life. SMM enables you to reach your target base within less time and less cost.

  • Updated Website:

Every business hotel should have an updated website. An attractive home page helps you attract visitors and engage them until they get converted to your client. Your updated website will lead to more customer base and conversions. Best corporate stays in Pune should update latest news regarding the business such as latest discounts for new visitors and special discount for the members.

  • Marketing:

Every business hotel should have their own marketing personnel who can approach companies on a daily basis. It maybe a traditional method but is still one of the best methods to approach companies for tie ups.

  • Virtual Tour:

Most business hotel don’t use this method but this modern approach is one of the best ways to give visitors a feel of virtual reality where just by looking at the picture they get a feeling that they are in the hotel.

  • Safety:

In current situation where the whole world is fighting a crisis the best way to attract business travellers is by ensuring them that you are fully prepared to fight this pandemic. This can be done through updating the measures your business hotel is taking to fight COVID-19 by updating blogs with the information you are taking just like Hotel Magnus Pune has done. You can send marketing emails to your customer base regarding the measures you are taking to fight COVID-19. Update graphics on your social media account which convey your message to people.

  • Brand Loyalty:

A very important step is to keep your clients satisfied and provide them a personal experience. Your business hotel should provide such services that they do not think once before booking your hotel when they are in the city. If your clients are loyal to the brand they will help your business hotel grow and will even help you by word of mouth marketing.

  • Reward Strategy:

You can provide reward to those who bring in more and more visitors to your hotel. You can provide them additional discounts to brand loyal customers.


Cooperate guests can be a huge source of business for your business hotel. Even a single tie up with a company can result in a profit. By these simple steps you can easily gain profit on a larger scale.

To conclude, to make this process easy you can hire a marketing agency for all these things so that you can prioritise your work.  Hiring a marketing agency is a better and affordable option for your business hotel. So what are you waiting for? Start your planning today and enjoy the benefits of digitalisation.

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