COVID-19: Magnus Hotels & Serviced Apartments enforces precautionary measures, safety measures, and hygiene advisories

The Coronavirus Pandemic seems to be at a turning spot in terms of spread, yet it is hard to know its real impact on the marketplace. At this point, it has a very tangible impact on business hotels in Pune and everywhere in the World: a drop in booking step, many events being delayed at best, more room cancellations, and pressure from third-party capital (banks/lenders).

At this time, hotel managers should continue to be rational and keep their eyes forward like business hotel Magnus Square – A business hotel in Viman Nagar, Pune, as well as to deal with the direct impact of the disease. We need to deal with the facts and act accordingly. Every hotel team is trying to achieve the budget, keeping brand standards, retaining and enduring talent, and ensuring customers are happy. At the same time, managers continue to explore sustainable profits and to achieve this, the process needs to adapt to this crisis quickly, and react most efficiently.

As far as the travel business runs, one of the things that we’ve seen from crises is that the business is very flexible and that we rebound immediately. We are noticing that there will be some restrained demand and that travelers will be ready to explore. A serviced apartment is the way for business and leisure travelers to experience the best destinations. We offer a serviced apartment in Pune’s Viman Nagar. So many travelers love to stay in a place that feels like home.

Here are some points to consider about how to manage a business in a crisis:

1)    Be ready:

The time to be ready is now. That way, if a crisis hits, you can concentrate on taking action to relieve any negative result. Have a renewed social media plan in place, outline roles, actions to follow, branding & branding.Have an emergency plan for different situations. In the case of COVID-19, for example:

• The outbreak remains outside of your region.

• The epidemic spreads to your area but not to your property.

2)      Evaluate the impact of COVID-19 on business:

Begin evaluating the current result that COVID-19 has made on your business. Search key metrics such as year over year occupancy, revenue, ADR, and period of stay. Examine market trends such as tourism to your destination, business from your top feeder markets, and monitor the impact of COVID-19 on your destination.

3)      Safety and Hygiene:

 Everybody likes a clean and hygienic environment in the hotel. Training the staff is the first thing that we did. But we need to do a little more than just cleaning the hotel.

  • Sanitize hotel rooms, washrooms, and all hard surfaces
  • Wipe down all door handles and light switches
  • Sanitizations of room keys that we give to the guest while checking in and after checkout
  • Cleaning Bedsheets and pillows
  • Sanitize the dining area        

Staying at Magnus Hotels & Serviced Apartments is 100% disinfected, safe, and convenient! We are providing safe and comfortable stays to our customers.
We have implemented measures such as

1. Contactless check-in and check-out
2. Queue distance markers
3. Mandatory temperature checks
4. Using disinfecting chemicals to sanitize rooms and each part of the property
5. Individual Access in each room
6. Breakfast at your room and special cleaning protocols for your well-being!

Magnus Hotels & Serviced Apartments is a 100% Safe Place to Stay!

4)      Act Quickly:

The faster you act and fix any problems in your control, the better your rank against your competitor. However, first, examine the situation thoroughly, evaluate your options, and assess the potential outcomes. Making changes in the existing system could help you to get more customer engagements.

5)      Reassure customers and reduce the number of cancellations:

To discourage cancellations and generate high volumes of new business, you need to at least be able to persuade hesitant customers to keep their travel plans – and encourage new ones to book. Use various communication methods, such as website messages, emails, and phone calls, to let them know that:

  • You care about their health and take extra measures at your property
  • You offer a refund if they choose to cancel their trip

We have to look upon these points while sanitizing the hotel and also check the travel history record of the guest.  #happyjourney  #stayhealthy  #staysafe

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